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    " We work at the speed of business..."

ExecuTechSearch sources and places Executive & Technical leaders from C-level to senior executives of Operations, Engineering, Business Development Marketing/Sales and Finance. Our success is determined by the quality of candidates we produce and the speed at which we produce them.  Fifty years of search experience of our Managing Directors and another thirty years of industry experience provides a solid foundation to deal with today's ever changing complex business and economic environment, domestic and international. The day of recruiters matching and checking-off quantifiable candidate qualifications to job description requirements for leadership positions is over. Subtle candidate personality and behavioral predispositions of leaders are often just as important as that BS Engineering and MBA.


P. O. Box 868149
Dallas, TX 75023
(972) 985-2340    

Industries Served:

Conglomerates/Holding Companies & Subsidiaries

Private Equity/Venture Capital Firms & Portfolio Companies

Manufacturing & Processing

Consumer Products

Heavy Equipment

Oil & Gas Drilling & Operations; Upstream and Midstream Gathering, Processing and Pipelines



Facilities Served:

Corporate Headquarters, Regional, Division, Branch

Manufacturing & Processing Plants

Oil & Gas Operations, Midstream and Downstream Gathering, Processing and Pipelines

Core Positions:

C-Level (all)

Senior Operating, Engineering, Business Development, Supply Chain/Logistics Executives

Manufacturing Operations


Supply Chain / Logistics / EHS


Web Hosting Companies